Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grand Theft Childhood

As you all know I couldn't care less about R* or GTA IV. I don't like it so I don't play it. Some people like it so some people play it. That is the way life is and it works out pretty well. I'm over it.

However, today my children came home to tell me about the kids that brought the cases for the game or the map of the in game city to school. Fifth graders playing an M rated game like that? I am not over that.

There are so many judgements, read rocks, I want to throw right now.


Gus said...

I saw rated R movies when I was ten and look how I turned out! Wait. Maybe that's not the best way to prove a point.

cardinal23 said...

Consider the possibility that the dads get to play, not the fifth graders.

I think GTA may be to me what Final Fantasy is to Gus. I think the series is fine, but I can't figure out where the ratings are coming from. I'll have to play a bit more, I guess.

Gus said...

I'll be curious to hear about your experiences with the game. So far it's pretty damn good. I love the way Rockstar tells a story.

Gus said...

Waitaminnit! Didn't you walk your kid through Halo 3? Glass houses, mister.

avk said...

There wasn't anything in GTA3 that I didn't see in 5th grade.

Not "that I wasn't aware of by the time I was in fifth grade," but actually saw with my eyes while I was at school. Recess was hard times back then.

w1ndst0rm said...

Gus, read the sentence of the post; I was alluding to that. And killing hell bent flood aliens is very different from killing/beating cops and prostitutes. I will draw that line anytime.

AVK, just because your school ... no, wait, I am not biting. ;)

Gus said...

Yeah, killing aliens is different because Halo 3 uses science fiction to veil its fascism.

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