Saturday, November 5, 2011

Where do Zombies go from here?

Zombie movies have been around FOREVER. They had a moment in the sun in the late 60's early 70's with George A Romero, but soon fell into nothing but camp and B movie.

In 2002 we got 28 days later which was IMHO a very fun movie...and shortly after in 2004 there was Dawn of the Dead, another gem of a zombie movie (and also a remake of a Romero film.)

Yea, these had a little cheese and camp, but only a little. I see them as full bore A list movies.

Since then there has been a Zombie Craze. The popularity of the old B movies has risen and a storm of new B movies have been made. Unfortunately not a lot of A class new movies have been made. Those that have been made have really moved out of zombie and into comedy (Shaun and Zombieland, both good movies, but while they have zombies, the are comedies first and zombie movies second)

(Well, Crazies was an A list Zombie Movie, I guess I just didn't like it as much as 28 days/28 weeks and the Dawn remake.)

It has also moved over into books (World War Z to name just one very popular novel), video games (Left4Dead), graphic novels, (heck, it invaded the entire Marvel Comic) universe for a time, which in turn lead to TV's The Walking Dead.

It has even moved over to the shooting world in the form of zombie targets (even manikin ones that BLEED!)

One of the AR-15 companies (DPMS) has been having a Zombie shooting event for 4 years now (check youtube for Outbreak Omega) we have this.

I am going to buy a box of 9mm. I am a bit disappointed they didn't have 357 magnum.

However, this makes me ask...where can the Zombie Craze spread to next?

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