Wednesday, October 26, 2011

shut up and play your guitar

i got all excited about Rockband 3 and the pro mode last year. recently i was checking out the Stratocaster that is a real guitar with built in sensors to let you play it in Rockband 3. i went to Best Buy and to see if they had it and i found this instead.

i bought it, and played nearly until my fingers bled.

it is everything i wish Guitar Hero was five years ago when i succombed to the guitar game Dark Side. you can use ANY REAL ELECTRIC GUITAR. all it takes is a special cable that plugs into the guitar and into the Xbox USB port. the cable comes with the game.

my first complaint is that when you are in Amp Mode there is a noticeable fraction of a second delay from when you strum and you hear the notes coming out of the speakers. i assume it is a delay caused by my Xbox sound going through the HDMI cable into the receiver. the game suggests getting a component audio cable to plug directly into the reciever for the sound, and use the HDMI cable solely for the video. i haven't done this yet to see if it solves the problem. i assume it will. in any case, during game play you can't detect a delay as long as you have the lag setting correct. or maybe it's just that i am so bad at guitar.

my second comlaint is that they don't have Stairway to Heaven *or* Freebird.


Gus said...

Cool to hear that you're digging Rocksmith. I've been meaning to try it out. Sadly, I've never been able to get my hands on pro Guitar equipment for Rock Band. Been thinking about getting an Ion Drum Set finally.

Qhorin said...

What Rob said. Played a couple of hours tonight. While my fingers didn't bleed, my dog's ears may have. Incredibly satisfying game. Love the music selection. Delay takes some tinkering to master.