Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hitler has dinosaurs


what put me in stitches was when the dinosaur runs up and throws a goat. I mean, okay I can buy that Hitler's genetic scientists in the 1940s could extra dinosaur DNA from fossils, and then apparently attach semi-robotic guns and slave them to the dino's small brain, but NO WAY can you teach a dinosaur to throw a goat.

Also, why? Was the dinosaur using the goat as a bullet sponge? Milk? Cheese? Maybe the goat ate some grenades and will explode 5 seconds after being thrown.

Further, maybe if the dinosaurs didn't spend so much time practicing their goat-throwing skills, they'd be more able to withstand some kung-fu moves. That dinosaur went down awful quick.

Definitely too much time spent studying goat strategy not enough time in the dino-dojo. I mean, the Japanese were Hitler's allies after all. This means there was plenty of opportunity to bring over top notch Aikido teachers.

I do like how even in this alternate universe they do cling to some immutable truths. If you watch, I don't think that Frenchman fights even once.

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avk said...

(*knock knock knock*)


Leave me alone! I'm throwing a goat!

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