Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is there such a thing as too geeky?

During this morning's session of my thrice weekly Penny-Arcade grind I came across something. I'm not sure exactly what it is yet or if it is good or bad. However, I do know that it has a little something for all of us - up ins.

That's right, Wil Wheaton, loved by all, is on the cover. Remember when we all said we hated him because we were immature and envied his luck at getting to man the helm of the Enterprise? Now that we are older we understand we should have cheered for him all along.

Look at the third guy on the list. Yeah, the "Name of the Wind" guy. Another person who's work we mocked openly with pride but read secretly with shame. Because, man, that book went down like a cold glass of milk chasing fresh, warm bread slathered in honey. Why oh why do we have to ruin good things with our vain ideals on complexity? Before we even give it a chance!

The second guy works with Stargate: Universe. I quit watching the show, I should say series of series, when they coped out after a whole season of reason vs. faith. You see, they spent the entire season debunking religion and doing it rather well too even if it was heavy-handed. But on the finale they tossed a bone out to the faith crowd in a manner that was antithetical to the previous 20 weeks. Cowards.

But! If I have learned anything from the first two paragraphs (after the pic) I should apply that lesson to the third and give the new show a chance.

Anyone else have any insights on the rest of the list? Oh, and BTW today's PA is about AVK/Qhorin.


Qhorin said...

I'm sad that the Rothfuss hate happened before I read his book.

w1ndst0rm said...

As we all should be, my friend, as we all should be.

avk said...

I've never laughed at Penny Arcade before.

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