Monday, March 15, 2010

15 credits left on eMusic...

12 credits (generally) = 1 album.

Looking for a final album plus a few tracks before I cancel the membership.

Recent binge included Tom Waits, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Wagner, R. E. M., Weird Al, and Patricia Barber.

I took a look to see what they had for Zappa, about whom I know almost nothing. The only album they had was a "hits" compilation. Worth my time or don't bother?

Hmm... a bunch of Morrissey. Starting point?

Barring that, I'm open to suggestions -- album or track.

PS - Dock, someone is on your wavelength. NMH won "Best Album on eMusic".


avk said...

None of those are my favorite Zappa songs.

The only sort of starting point I can imagine Morrisey to be is the starting point for a research paper on Music History (his recent album notwithstanding).

I suggest you stream the Current
while you play Civ for about a week and see what you come away with.

Alternately, invest in checking out the Current's top 89 of 2009

Other than that, two words: Show tunes.

Qhorin said...

Ditto Aaron's comments. Based on Current influence, listening to a lot of the following lately:

The XX
Brother Ali
Mumford & Sons

Hose Juan said...

I did the 89 for 09 recently and came away with a lot of good songs.

w1ndst0rm said...

I doubt you will find it for your credits but look up "Not The Kid" by Communist Daughter.

When you run out of credits visit ths page weekly to DL free songs:

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