Friday, January 29, 2010

tim rogers Commented On My Comment!


I mean, here is his FFXIII review. I warn you, this isn't something you can consume in one sitting. Many times you will find yourself in another room pacing in circles. Full of wonder - and terror, then disorientation because you don't remember walking away from your computer.

This isn't a wall of text it is a ziggurat of text - a literal Tower of Babel even. But buried deep within await treasures and rich veins of precious words. A marvel filled with marvels.


avk said...

"Final Fantasy fans (hereafter referred to as 'these people')..."


avk said...

Let me apologize to all of you who enjoy it, but because of this article I will heretofore refer to "World of Warcraft" as "fucking World of Warcraft."

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