Monday, November 23, 2009

Because We All Like Unlocking Content


Seriously. Log in with the same account you log in with when you're playing Dragon Age: Origins and make off with some phat loot!* If you don't have the retail game, tantalize yourself with this as-close-as-you-can-come-for-free teaser. Or, if you have the retail game, enjoy this version that you can play at work! It even has a paper-doll style inventory screen where you spend a moderate amount of time making sure that your new equipment is marginally better than your old equipment- just like a real computer RPG!

That last slam notwithstanding, it's actually pretty fun. The EA junior programmers who are working their way up from the free web content room really put a lot of care into it, no doubt in a feeble attempt to rouse the notice of their evil, corporate masters.

* "phat loot" means an okay amulet and decent helmet. Source Dorks, as a whole, is not responsible for the wild and sometimes incoherent ravings of avk.
Edit: ...and some kind of belt. I forgot to mention the belt.


Qhorin said...

0 for 3 against the Emissary.

avk said...

P.S. You can play it on Kongregate for badges, if you play games there.

Also, I happened to notice in the Target Sunday circular that Dragon Age: Origins is on sale for XBox and PC, if you don't have it already (though, most of us do, yeah?)