Sunday, May 31, 2009

Images 6 and 7

As you guys know Phil was in Afghanistan and Iraq. I think I posted, maybe emailed, a different story by Rick Loomis not too long ago. Mr. Loomis was the reporter/photographer embedded with the unit.

Anyway, Phil and our other brother found some more of the guy's work. (Here and here.) Same work different publications.

Notice the NOT uparmored HumVee.

Notice the too many similarities between a skirmish trench and a shallow grave.

To be selfish for just a moment seeing a picture of your little brother in a hole in the ground in a far away land is at a certain level of fucked-up-shit. Forgive me, I am not capable of saying that in a proper manner.

So I asked him what went through his mind and how he prepared for it all besides just the Marine training. He said what he did was to unplug from everything in this world and concentrate only on the task at hand - killing and not being killed.

He even unplugged himself from his feelings for mom.

An entirely higher level of fucked-up-shit. Not even on the same scale. Thankfully, as you also know, he survived and was able to plug back in to the world and mom. One of the things we didn't really understand when he got home was the unplugging in the first place or how long it took to recover and to be fully plugged back in. It was a long walk back. It took a few years. He is different, or changed, but he is back.

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Gus said...

It's uncanny how many different ways that picture can read. None of them are really pleasant.

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