Monday, April 6, 2009

Usually, We Can Count On Tim deliver us news on all things Final Fantasy-related. He even dutifully notified us to the existence of the FF tower defense game, though whether or not that was an elaborate set-up for a chance to slam "Noby Noby Boy" is, as yet, unclear.

Why, then, are we still unaware that a goddamned symphony orchestra is going to be performing music from Tim's favorite franchise in Minneapolis (audio sample and ticket info in link) with only five days left before the event?

Good thing I've got his back, huh?

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w1ndst0rm said...

Thanks, man. You, me and my back is a good thing. Has it already been a day since I last mocked Noby Noby Boy? Be prepared for a less than tepid response for the concert post. Unless it is cool now because you posted it.

*announcer voice whisper*
What AVK doesn't know is that the concert has been his status on SKYPE for weeks now and the concert was highlighted on his FaceBook profile months ago.

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